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Week in Edtech 10/30/22 with Guest Joe Connor of Odyssey

October 30, 2022 Alex Sarlin Season 2 Episode 23
Edtech Insiders
Week in Edtech 10/30/22 with Guest Joe Connor of Odyssey
Show Notes

In this episode, we speak with Joe Connor of Odyssey, which raised a $4.75M dollar seed round this week to help districts and families use flexible education funding sources, like Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) and microgrants.

Ben and Alex also discuss:

1) Elections & Education: The Rise of Education Polarization 

  • Is College Worth It? Voters Are Split. (Five Thirty Eight)
  • How the Diploma Divide Is Remaking American Politics (New York)
  • ‘There Are Two Americas Now: One With a B.A. and One Without’ (NYTimes)
  • Award-Winning Teachers Are Pushing Back Against Attacks on ‘Honest Education’ (Edweek)

2) Stanford's Pandemic-Fueled Pivot to Online Education

  • Review of Stanford’s ‘emergency remote teaching’ and learning explores lessons learned from the pandemic (Stanford)

3) Edtech Mega-VC Michael Moe on the Metaverse

4) Gates foundation pivots to Math as NAEP scores underscore crisis 

  • Student math scores are down from pre-COVID levels, the National Report Card finds (NPR)
  • Why the Gates Foundation Is Investing $1.1 Billion in Math Education (Edweek
  • NAEP ‘Nation’s Report Card’ Shows Steep Fall in Math Scores (Edsurge)
  • How Do Schools Come Back From ‘Catastrophic’ Drops in Math, Reading on NAEP? (Edweek)

5) Digital Surveillance and Monitoring in Schools and Children's Right to Privacy

  • Kids Are Back in Classrooms and Laptops Are Still Spying on Them (Wired)
  • Surveillance Education Cycle: Finding Ways to Protect Privacy in Schools (Random Lengths News)
  • New Polling Finds Parents and Educators Overwhelmingly Support Technology Designed to Keep Students Safe Online (GoGuardian PR)