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Special Episode: Postcards from ASU GSV (Part 2)

April 20, 2022 Alex Sarlin Season 1 Episode 36
Edtech Insiders
Special Episode: Postcards from ASU GSV (Part 2)
Show Notes

In this second part of the Postcards from ASU GSV mini-series, we talk to a wide variety of amazing Higher Ed and workforce entrepreneurs about their companies, what they're seeing at the ASU conference, and what they're seeing in the field at large.

1) Manny Smith, CEO of Edvisorly, a platform to support community college students who are transferring credit
2) Fadl, CEO of Nexford University, a next-generation, online university that costs $150 a month
3) John Katzman, Edtech legend and Founder/CEO of Noodle Partners, an next-generation online program management company
4) Gautam Tambay, Co-Founder and CEO of Springboard, on online technical bootcamp with mentoring and a job guarantee
5) Manish Maheshwari, Founder and CEO of Invact Metaversity, a fully immersive university for business subjects that can be accessed via VR or computer
6) Kirill Slavkin, Co-founder and COO of Annoto, which turns passive video content into a social learning experience
7) Obi Felten, Founder and CEO of Flourish Labs, a peer-based mental health startup that trains college students to support others with similar conditions
8) Anthony Reo, Co-founder of Bunch.ai, which offers mobile microlearning opportunities for millennial and Gen-Z managers